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Complete Basic Course Of Kali Linux By Dedsec Free Download

Complete Basic Course Of Kali Linux  By Dedsec 

Courses Details

  • Introduction To Hacking
  • Create a Virtual machine Environment
  • Use Kali Linux & Network Security
  • Updating Repositories and Installing Virtualbox addition Tools
  • Installing Kali in VMWARE Workstation + Google advance Searching
  • Find people online and learn Kali Command
  • What is Cookies Operating system and how to install VMware
  • What is Keylogger and How To Use Linux Directories Terminals
  • Use RAT by Kali Linux Commands
  • Become Anonymous Online TOR VPN Proxy and Linux command
  • Hack  a website with Havji Using Kali Linux
  • use Proxychains on Kali Linux
  • Configure VPN And DNS
  • MacChanger On Kali Linux Repeat Proxychains
  • Use NMAP
  • Use GeoIP
  • Introduction to Wireless and Debian
  • Sniff And Windows Tools Cain-and- Able
  • Protocol Administration Tools RAT
  • Learn about Wireless Terminology


  1. Windows Operating System
  2. Linux Any Distro
  3. 2 GB RAM
  4. Core I3-5 Processor
  5. 80 GB HD
  6. Size 3 GB Highly Compressed
  7. Ultra HD Videos
  8. Skill level: Beginner Level
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Size :- 2.35GB
Complete Basic Course Of Kali Linux  By Dedsec Free Download

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